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Monday, 28 January 2013

Top Ten Tips for Weddings on a Budget

Don’t Buy Glossy Bridal Magazines they often full of lavish weddings, pictures and stories with no real information, have a look around the internet and get all the information you need for free. Look out For Budget DVD’s books and Cd’s of how to do many wedding preparations your self, this can save pounds.

Colour Choice
Colour Choice really is important for Couples on a budget. Before committing to any Colour have a look around. If you go for common colours like Red, Blue Pink items can be very easy to come by, stationery is very easy to pick up, Dresses and accessories can be brought in department stores even flowers can be more expensive in less common colours.

Wedding Stationery
Always have a good look around before buying anything ebay has a massive range of stationery items, weather your just looking for craft items to do it your self or you are looking for fully personalised wedding invitations ready to send. Most company’s charge hundreds for this but ebay traders do this at reasonable prices.

Bridesmaid dresses can cost a lot, why not head to a department store and buy some nice evening gowns, formal dresses Also check out Department stores with bridal departments some have lovely bridesmaid dresses and don’t cost as much as having them made. Also check out ebay You can get some real bargains with Brand New or Second Hand ones.

Bridal Gowns
Check out Department store Bridal Gowns, Go to bridal shops and try to buy one off the peg, end of line stock rather than having one made. And don’t forget to factor in the cost of alterations, even though the dresses are made to order there not made to measure. Ask you self-do you really need a brand new wedding dress? You wear it once and then it gets put away never to be worn again. Buy Second hand, or Sale it once it’s been worn.

Wedding venues
When looking at Venues try to get a total package price that includes drinks, instead of settling up the next day on how many bottles were consumed. Some venues will allow you to supply your own wine but be warned they charge a corkage charge for every bottle you consume so check this out.

Start early, if you really look around there are reasonable priced suppliers but they get booked up 12 to 18 months before. If your looking for the following year many will agree if they take a deposit now they will hold this years prices for you for next year even if there prices increase .

Wedding cake
Do you really need a £800 Wedding cake, don’t go over the top it will be consumed in minutes. Buy a department store wedding cake they look lovely and taste great just get your florist to decorate with a few flowers or decorate it your self. A three tiered cake decorated with flowers can cost as little as £150

Wedding Favours
No need to buy ready made wedding favours, Buy pretty favour boxes and fill them with your own choice this will save pounds. And theirs literally millions on ebay. Often business traders have postage discounts and often discounts for bulk purchases so have a good look for the best bargains.

Find a good package, Many photographers are cheap even free to attend the wedding on agreement you will buy an album we all fool our self’s thinking we will stick to a budget but once the wedding is over and we see hundreds of photos of our self’s we want to buy them all and go way over budget or walk away leaving all our photos behind. Look around there are photographers out there that charge that bit more for attending but they actually can include so many photos and even the full disk of all your photos for you to keep print or make your own albums. Then simply go to a print shop you can have professional looking storybook albums from £100 with all your photos in

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